Before House Tour!

I’m sure it’s no surprise to everyone, but my house was a real diamond in the rough when I first saw it.  The bones, though, were great, and it obviously had potential to be beautiful.  Thankfully, aside from some exterior damage to the siding at ground level, and some soffit damage to the overhang of the roof, it was structurally in great shape.  The roof is only three years old, the crawlspace had no water issues, the brick was sound, the foundation was very stable.

These photos are the listing photos, so the furniture in the house is the former owners.


From the front it’s a fairly basic brick ranch.


However, there is an addition to the back set at a right angle to the main structure to the house, creating a very nice sunken family room.  The backyard is large, filled with gorgeous trees and a tiny rivulet that only runs with water when it rains.


As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for my daughter.  Summer days playing in the shade of those beautiful trees, splashing in the creek in our rain boots when it rains, enough flat ground for a small raised bed garden……

Living Room

You enter the house directly into the small front living room.  When I purchased the house, it had old carpet that was pulling loose, and those fabulous rainbow bookshelves.




The kitchen is quite open for a ranch in this part of the country.


The star, however, is that combo electric cooktop, overhead oven and dishwasher.


My inspector said he has inspected over 2500 houses in his career and only ever seen one other of these.  (That’s my realtor, btw).

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom had blue carpet so old it had faded to taupe everywhere except where a piece of furniture sat for decades, dated wallpaper and a built in desk and bookshelf combo.



Eva’s Bedroom

My daughter Eva’s bedroom had electric blue shag carpet so worn it had been rubbed down to the threads in the doorway.



Master Bedroom

The master bedroom had similar shag carpet, this time in mustard yellow, and a dated half bathroom.




Full Bathroom

The only full bath in the house had a fabulous 70’s era swag light, dated wallpaper, a vanity with a truly questionable paint job and a tub with tiles falling out.



Family Room

This room, despite its obvious decor issues, is one of my favorites in the house.  Carpet that looks like the 70’s threw up on it notwithstanding, those beams overhead are beautiful and the dated wall paneling will take on a cute cottage look with paint.  The stone fireplace is wood burning and needs some repair but will be great in the wintertime.


There she is, the grand Before tour!  Work has already begun.  The house had baseboard heating, a defunct attic furnace, and no A/C, and my HVAC professionals have just finished their installation of a new furnace and A/C unit.  The baseboard heaters will be coming out, and I’ve already removed the carpet in bedrooms and living room.  I’ve got a handyman for the exterior damage and an electrician coming in for electrical work and I’m hoping to be moved in by the end of May, if not sooner.

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