I Closed On A House!

My new house!


It’s been a long road to get to this point.

The process of readying our marital house for sale, listing it, fielding offers and then searching for two individual properties was a long, emotional one.  I cried when I saw the listing sign first pop up in our former front yard, and while I have saved the professional photos from the listing, I haven’t been able to bring myself to write up a blog post about our former house.

We lived there for four long, painful years, and while we bought the house full of hope for the future, it represents many projects left undone and many dreams broken along the way.

I purchased this home (my first as a single homeowner) with a renovation loan, and the process of inspection and purchase was long and filled with drama.  However, eventually everything got done, and I closed on the house on Tuesday of this past week.  Renovations started immediately, with a new lock going in (tutorial eventually!) and a full HVAC overhaul, which was budgeted into the home loan.

It’s amazing how much just having closed on the house and started work has improved my mood.  It’s a total turnaround, and it’s directly related to what the new house represents for me – not endings, but new beginnings. It’s full of projects to work on, a new space to call our home, and a fresh start built with my own hard work.  After investing years sinking everything I had into a relationship that was failing, I can’t describe how good it feels to have something to invest my energy into that’s just for me.

I’ve only really been able to put in a few hours worth of work on the house so far – real life work and holiday schedule has filled my time to the brim this week.  But already I can feel my energy seeping into the bones of the place.  I walk down the hallway full of the dust left behind from carpet removal, and the path my feet trace already feels familiar to me.  It’s getting a hold on me, or maybe I’m setting down roots into it, and it feels good.  Safe and exciting at the same time.   Two weeks ago, the sheer amount of work before me felt daunting, another burden on my already overburdened shoulders.  Today, it feels invigorating and exciting.  Onwards and upwards!


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